TT Handicrafts

T.T. Co, Ltd was established in 2001. This is one of leading company in producing and exporting wooden handicrafts models boat in Viet Nam. During for over 12 years of business, Thien Thuong has been exporting to USA, UK, Germany, Belgium, Dubai, Brasil, Australia, and Asian countries….At this moment, Thien Thuong is expanding market to Middle East Countries and South American Nations. Thien Thuong is a member of many organizations in Viet Nam, for example: HAWA (Handicraft And Wood Industry Association), VEXA (Viet Nam Exporter Association), VIETRADE, VIETCRAFT….Thien Thuong specializes in manufacturing, trading and exporting high quality wooden sailing boats, ancient boats, modern speed boats, modern cruise ships, yachts, and warships vehicles, planes…All products manufactured base on real models in life such as: Victory, USS Constitution, Titanic and Helicopter,…Thien Thuong is widely supported around the world with its eye catching, easy to display, and affordable ship models. These models are proudly displayed in many homes, offices, luxurious galleries, and museums around the world.


– HAWA (Handicraft And Wood Industry Association)

– VEXA (Viet Nam Exporter Association)



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Brand : TT Handicraft
Size : 100Lx14Wx35H (cm) 80Lx12Wx30H (cm) 60L x 10W x 25H (cm)
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Brand : TT Handicrafts
Size : 104L x 20W x 76H (cm) 80L x 23W x 60H (cm)
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Brand : TT Handicrafts
Size : 94L x 25w x 84H (cm)
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