Gold Line Italia

With its long tradition, Gold Line is known for its extraordinary production of silver-coated handmade items with beautiful gold plated decorations and precious stones.

The company, founded in 1986, is based in Castelfidardo, near Ancona and the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea, and it has a worldwide reputation for decades thanks to the commitment and professionalism of its managing and working staff.

The passion for our work is the ” leitmotif ” that leads us to move forward constantly and to look for new ideas and projects.

Each Gold Line product carries itself all the style and the prestige of the “Made in Italy” and represents the typical Italian blend of tradition, quality, and innovation.

In the silverware district of Marche region, where history and innovation have been intertwined for centuries making alive our region and where companies have become specialized in producing all kinds of items, Gold Line stands out for its own attention to new emerging Countries. The exports in the Arab countries, Eastern Europe, China, and India have become Gold Line mission.

The Gold Line brand has always been synonymous with experience, talent, creativity, and professionalism, and step by step the company has earned originality and prestige, developing a wide range of items not available before in the market.

The Gold Line range includes thousands of articles: from sculptures of animals (such as horses, eagles, lions, elephants, panthers, hawks, and many others) to paintings of various sizes with silver plaques both in low and high relief, from photo frames to crystals with various applications; from jewelry boxes to furnishings elements such as tables, columns, lamps, chess sets, vases and other unique pieces made of precious stones.

Gold Line creations are beautiful pieces of art that embody timeless elegance and attention to traditions and design.

Not only simple objects but creations able to excite.

Each item of the gold Line collection seems alive thanks to a meticulous study of cultures and traditions and to the artistic inspiration of our master sculptors that shape the sinuous and harmonious lines of every piece of art.

Thanks to a precise analysis of the subjects, we were able to create true masterpieces, some even in natural size, carefully manufactured without the use of mechanical work: a real challenge from both technical and artistic points of view.

The piece once created the mould, is realized in all its elegance through a completely hand-crafted process.

After the creation of the sculpture with a marble-powder paste, the piece is silver-coated through a galvanic process and then hand-finished with gold details and personalized finishing, such as burnishing, in order to highlight all the details.

A further phase of production is the coating of the materials with antioxidants. This process is carried out to preserve and protect the object over time in order to provide a work of art of the highest quality.

Emotions and ideas of regality are materialized magically thanks to the light of the silver and also to the precious stones used to enrich the objects such as malachite, lapis, amethyst, and agate, especially in the production of our Luxury Line.

Thanks to the contributions of its experienced staff, Gold Line is always careful to the details and needs of its customers in order to create unique pieces.

We can also realize customized items and create them ad hoc according to the projects developed by the customers themselves.

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Brand: Gold Line Italia
Size: 30x15 H15cm
Made in Italy
Note: Personalization is available.
2,884.00 ر.س.‏
Brand: Goldline Italia
Size: 22 x 22 x 24(H)
Made in Italy
Note: Available for personalization.
3,295.00 ر.س.‏
Brand: Gold Line Italia
Size: 32 x 10 x 17cm(H)
Packaging : Leather Box
Made in Italy
Note: Personalization is available.
3,491.40 ر.س.‏
Brand : Gold Line
Size : 420 x 220 x 560mm (H)
Made in Italy
Note : Available for personalization.
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Brand : Gold Line
Size : 280 x 170 x 350mm (H)
Made in Italy
Note : Available for personalization
5,805.20 ر.س.‏
Brand : Gold Line
Size : 140 x 140 x 340mm (H)
Made in Italy
Available for personalization
3,477.60 ر.س.‏